Not your ordinary Airman

my-airman-coverI remember creating this fake magazine cover back in ’04 when the Air Force was first starting its Fit to Fight program.  The official USAF magazine had an Airman on the cover who looked like he regularly lifted weights, and he was carrying a rifle. Basically, their cover Airman looked nothing like the average, everyday Airman, which upset a few readers. I wanted to create a cover that satirized the original cover.


U.S. CHairforce poster series

I created the images (click “Continue Reading“) for the first calendar back in 2005/2006.  Trying to come up with one image for each month was more difficult than I thought (mainly because I got really, really bored after the first four or five images). The GalaxyExpress and RaptorEscape images really caught the brunt of my boredom. I was not happy with my work on a few of these, but a deadline is a deadline…even if I am the person setting the deadline.  Obviously, there are three images missing from this set; either that, or I suckered a few people into buying a nine-month calendar. Sorry, mom.  :(
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